Robot Demolition

Robot demolition combines compact size with strength and flexibility for precise demolition.

Robot Demolition offers:

  • Precision via a digital remote control
  • The ability to work from a safe distance (up to 30 metres) of the work site so the demolition zone is easier to control
  • Minimal environmental damage due to the small footprint of the machine
  • No noise
  • No fumes due to three-phase power supply

Robot demolition is ideal for working internally and in confined, high-risk spaces. 

Townsville Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling has invested in demolition robots to add to the versatility in demolishing structures.  With the increasing demand for confined space demolition and limited access areas, demolition robots stand alone, with the ability to fit through openings as small as 780mm wide, climb staircases, fit in elevators, operate on uneven surfaces and close to walls. These features, combined with nil toxic emissions from the 22kw electric motor, make the Husqvarna Demolition Robot ideal for working inside hospitals, offices, shopping centres, etc.  The lightweight remote control enables the trained operator to control all functions of the robot at a safe distance from the structure being demolished. 

The attachments add to the versatility of the Husqvarna demolition robots with crushers up to a depth of 450mm and 6m reach also very powerful breakers (jackhammer type head), metal shears and buckets of various sizes allowing one machine to complete a variety of tasks from crushing to breaking and cleaning up.

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